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Rabbit Breeds:   I will Have Holland Lops. approx. 4 Breeders (3 Does and 1 Buck) I plan to breed them to have at least 2 litters of rabbits every 4 months for the months of March through Dec. Only. I breed them as a hobby so I have babies to sell so I can pay for my expenses and feed for them which the prices have gone up a lot this year. I hope to have a Few Skinny Pigs to sell every 5-6 months as well. I only have 1 Skinny Pig Sow and 1 Skinny Carrier Boar and Several Skinny Pig Carrier Sows at this time. I have 1 Pair of Teddy Cavies. I only will be raising as a hobby and selling to cover my expenses and costs. All of my Rabbit Litters will be Holland Lops. I Hope to have at least 2 litters of Holland Lops ready to sell every 4 months from March through Dec. There will not be any baby bunnies for sale from Jan. through Mid March as I do not breed for babies to sell during the colder months Check back on my for sale page and home page often for these litter updates.

Cavy Breeds: Skinny Pigs {Nearly Hairless Guinea Pigs}. I Only have 1 Breeding Pure Sow Skinny Pig, I Got a Skinny Pig Carrier Boar. I hope to have a Few Skinny Pig Babies/Carriers to sell about Twice per Year, if you have any Skinny Pigs you are willing to Trade or sell for a reasonable price, please let me know. I hope to have 1 litter of Skinny Pigs every 6 months. I can put you on my waiting lists and contact you when I have some available, no obligation. I Require a 50% Deposit to Hold Any Rabbits or Skinny Pigs for you. Without a Deposit, they will be sold to the first person to contact me and pay for them. I am located in Millmont, PA. about 60 miles north of Harrisburg and 40 miles east of State College, PA. I have more demand for Female Skinny Pigs than for Male Skinny Pigs so the Sows cost more and you may have to wait longer for sows than for boars.

***Sorry, We do NOT do Any Shipping at this time and I cannot travel to meet or deliver to you at this time as I have no vehicle at this time. You must travel to my area to pick up or meet when convenient for my friend that is my transportation locally.***

I'm a Very Small Hobby Rabbitry and Caviary, so if you are interested in something in particular, please email me with the Breed, Color, Sex and Type of Rabbit or Skinny Pig. I Only raise Hairless or nearly hairless guinea pigs called Skinny Pigs and Teddy Guinea Pigs. I will add you to a Waiting List at My Home and Contact you when they become available from either myself or my friend Rick and we can give you Next Chance According to where you are on the waiting lists, No Obligation. My Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are located in the Millmont/Hartleton/Glen Iron, PA. area, Zip code 17845.

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    Hello, I am Mary Ellen Wagner, Welcome to Wagner's Bunny Haven, Home of about 4 Quality Healthy Breeding Rabbits, 4 Young Holland Lops AND HOPE TO HAVE BABIES TO SELL STARTING AROUND MARCH OR APRIL 2016. I Am Located in Millmont, PA. 17845 in Central Pennsylvania. I am a Very Very Small Hobby Rabbitry. I am a Responsible Breeder and I Raise Healthy Rabbits to sell from March through Dec. Only, Prices will Range from $15.00-$25.00, depending on show or pet quality. Skinny Pigs will range from $75-$100 Each, Sows cost more than Boars. Skinny Pig Carriers will cost around $20-$40 each depending on color and type of hair or how hairless they are. I will Update the For Sale Page Monthly, When I have babies born and ready to sell. I give 10% Discounts to 4-H and Youth and I also will give 10% Discounts for Multiple Purchases to Anyone including Adults who Purchase 3 or More animals purchased at the same time, Discounts Only Given on Regular Prices Only, NO Discounts on Special Reduced Sale Animals unless advertised with the sale. I REQUIRE at Least a 50% Non-Refundable DEPOSIT to HOLD Any Rabbits or Guinea Pigs for you. Contact Me for Details and Health Guarantees. We have the right to terminate any sale before it happens for any reason, we want to make sure our rabbits and guinea pigs are going to very good caring loving homes and if we feel they would not get the best of care, we have to right to terminate the sale. The 50% or Full Price Deposit will be returned if We terminate the sale for any reason, but if you back out and change your mind or do not show to pick up within 2 weeks as planned, then you forfeit the 50% deposit, if you paid in Full, we would then refund only 50% of the Full price if it is your fault the sale did not go through. You can send deposits to me with Money Order or Cash Only or through PayPal but you must use my Other Personal Email account for PayPal payments so you will have to arrange that with me at the time of sale/deposit. I do Not accept Personal Checks. I can give you my personal email for the purpose or my mailing address at that time as well. *** I DO NOT SHIP ANY OF MY Rabbits, Cavies or Other Pet Stock AT THIS TIME, Sorry...*** You need to make arrangements to pick up from My area or meet somewhere nearby. ***Thank You for Hopping By My Web Site and Please, Come Back Often, check out my For Sale Page often for Updates and Special Sales. Help yourself to the Free Printable Pedigrees for each rabbit breed... Also Check out My Banners Below and my Web Rings at the Bottom of this page and Please check out My Own 4 Yahoo Groups below and consider joining them as well...
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    *** May God Bless You and Be With You Always***...

    Mary Ellen Wagner
    Millmont/Hartleton/Glen Iron, PA. 17845 area in Western Union County - Located in Central, PA. USA

    My Home Phone # 570-922-0646

    My NEW Cell Phone # 570-939-1679

    My Email Address is maryellen057@windstream.net or click on the email link below to email me with that address. If you cannot get a response from me via email, try Phoning me for faster response. Please Call Me at Home 570-922-0646 or Cell 570-939-1679 and leave a message, text or voicemail if I do not answer and I will get back to you ASAP.PLEASE NOTE, I NOW LIVE IN THE VILLIAGE OF GLEN IRON/Millmont, PA.***

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    Check out this great rabbitry directory web site and add your rabbitry to this directory also. http://therabbitwebsite.tripod.com


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    I Dedicate My Web Site... In Loving loving memory Memory of My Mother and Father: Mary & Bill Attinger,Sr., My Brother: Russ, (Bill Attinger, Jr.)and his wife Bonnie, My Father-In-Law: Edward Wagner, My Brother-In-Law, Michael Wright, My Mother-In-Law Elsie Wagner that passed away in March 2009. In Memory of my Ex-Sister in law Dottie. Also in Memory of My Beloved Dogs: Tippy, FeeFee, Buffy-Boo who passed away in July 2003 & Katie Pup who passed away on Dec. 18, 2006, My Beloved Cats Whiskers, Rudy & Calico Kitty who passed away Oct. 30th, 2007 at 3pm in my arms, she was a trusted old friend and companion for many years. In Loving Memory of Jessy Kitty who passed away late this past winter, she was a beautiful Grey long hair Mane Coon type of cat and I miss her dearly. In Memory of my Cat Sarah who passed away in Spring of 2015. In Beloved Memory of my Dear Holland Lop Rabbit Named Jigger, he passed away on Dec. 12, 2007. Also to All My Other Family, Friends and Pets That Have Passed On and Also In Loving loving memory Honor of All My Family, Friends and Pets that Are Still Living here on Earth Including my Husband Steve and his brothers and sisters and their families and my brother's children and Aunts and Uncles still living, Special Blessings to my Sister-in-law/Friend Sue Kreamer for being there for me and being such a Blessing in my Life and to My Husband Steven Allen Wagner, Special Thank You to My Good Christian Friend Becky Weller for being a great Blessing in my Life... MOST of All, I Dedicate My Web Site to my Wonderful Church Family at West End Bible Fellowship and Pastor Dick DeVett from the Laurelton area and Most of All to My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

    May God Bless You All and Give You All Peace.
    God Bless America... God Bless America and Protect and Bring Home Safely All Our Troops Serving Our Country, Both Here and Afar, GOD BLESS THE USA.

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